Category: Nebulae

Gamma Cygni Nebula from Oregon Star Party 2015

Still reprocessing old data using PixInsight, now that I have a better idea of the process flow. This data was captured at Oregon Star Party last year, but my initial processing (using Maxim DL) was not particularly satisfactory. No doubt I will come back to this again at some point as I add additional steps…

Repost: Cepheus OB4 from Oregon Star Party 2014

Final (for now) process of images of star forming region Cepheus OB4 captured at Oregon Star Party. To the left of the image is diffuse nebula NGC7822, with the OB4 complex to the right. The bright star just below center right is BD+66 1679, a magnitude 5.7 K1 star which is the only naked eye…

Reprocessing: M45 from Oregon Star Party 2014

M45 captured at Oregon Star Party in 2014. This was somewhat opportunistic; I hadn’t imaged this object in a long time, and hadn’t planned to this time around, but after opening the door of my trailer at 2am and seeing it in a perfect position in the sky to image, decided it would be worthwhile….